Thala'to Relahnah

Bartender, Masseur, Retired Dancer, Gentle, Caring & Friendly.


Born in Ul'dah, Thala'to is everything but your stereotypical Keeper. Having lived through poverty and desperation, he finds solace in what he's good at; getting people drunk on the best combinations of alcohol.
He works as a Bartender for the Den of Desire, and has his own hangout spa dubbed The Loft.

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Thirsty? Then head for one of the bars where he works. He'll find your itch and scratch it. Need a massage? His are the best, according to himself (and others)Frequently seen around Ul'dah, very open for chance encountersHas a small drug dependency. If your character happens to sell- then let's talk shop! He is prone to appearing in other bar-settings, secretly judging everyone elses skills. He uses a lot of skincare products, so if you have an apothecary.. Let's talk!!


Age: 25Nicknames: Thal, ThalcatOrientation: Bisexual (w/ male preference), Polyamorous.Marital Status: Open RelationshipResidence: Here and thereOccupation: Bartender, MasseurKnows a fair few secrets. The beads in his hair sometimes change depending on what his partner thinks he should have in.He keeps himself in peak phsyical condition, and runs every morning and night.


Relations are an ever evolving thing. Not always entirely up to date.

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♡ - Physical Attraction | ? - Hidden Feelings / Thoughts | ⧖ - Lost Connection

Milo Xura

Thala'to and Milo may not come acoss as your typical romantic match; but sometimes differences attract, and Thala'to has found himself unable to resist the persistent stability of Milo's care, and very much wishes to be there for the lizard as they have been there for him.


Asher Tadmhe

Thala'to was with Asher for some time, but as things are wont they slowly have drifted apart, once again heading off on different paths. Despite this they still maintain a reasonable friendship.

Former Lover

Andromeda Acerbi

When Thala'to started to come by the Den of Desire, he quickly became enthused with Meda. He does not hide how fond he is of her, and he feels more at ease around her than with most other people.

Trusted Friend

Aeric Remora

Thala'to has always had a good eye to Aeric, after meeting him during employment at a now long vanished performance company.
He continues to see Aeric now and again, at shows and favorite bars.



K'sato Tia

Known to Thala'to as the mate of Aeric, it would take the two quite some time before they actually wound up talking to each other properly. Sato now comes around for massages, and Thala'to enjoys their conversations.


Sehn Garanjy

Thala'to has gotten to know Sehn as Asher's baby-momma. Despite their relation being born out of circumstances, they get along well enough, and he thinks greatly of her.



Caewenn Renn

Through many a treatment to help Caewen keep her leg free of pain and trouble, the two have grown a friendship that inspires quite a bit of fun. Thala'to appreciates Caewen's pirate outlook on life.


Rhaya'li Mhakaracca

You never know when you can make a business deal! Sometimes it happens after a weird concoction of shots with various "things" mixed in, whilst you're sitting in a tub full of warm water. Either way, Thala'to is looking forward to incorporating the imports from this drinks-conneseur in his cocktails.

Business Associate


"T...Thala'to? I think...he is amazing. Friendly, confident, and he always seems to f-fall onto his feet, no matter what. B-but...he's been through a lot. I think h-he deserves all the happiness he can get." - Milo Xura
"Thal's the kindest guy you could ever meet. An' he mixes some mean drinks t'boot." - Asher Tadhme
"Thal? What can I say, he's one of the best friends you could ask for. And one of the most creative bartenders I've ever hired." - Andromeda Acerbi
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The Loft

Goblet - Ward 12 - Apartment 30 - Balmung

Teriyaki Mi'qabobs
Eorzean Sushi
Tempura Prawns
Antilope Stew
Beef Udon
Snacks, Chocolate, Treats, cake.

The Loft is a Spa-bar, open to the public 24/7.

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All drinks exist pre-mixed in serving size bottles.

Thanalan Sunrise
Tequila, Orange Juice, Syrup, ice.

Hingashi Heart
Muddled Cucumber, Mint, Lime Juice, Gin.

Doman Promise
Vodka, Apricot Brandy, Rose Syrup.

Eastern sunset
Vodka, Plum Liqueur, Apple Juice, Dash of Redberry Juice.

The Drink That Crossed The Sea
Gin, Lime Juice, Cherry Brandy, Secret Hingashi Liqueur. Sparkling.


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I have roleplayed primarily in MMORPG's for ~9 years. I try to match writing styles with those I RP with, however please respect that English is not my native language, and I will likely never consistently do long paragraph style emotes.

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